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September 29: Angels and monkeys practice deep thoughts while opposite poetry schools swoon tragically like doomed lovers on a windy Tuesday

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Assorted volunteers have helped assemble recent blogs. I hope you’re enjoying the results of different cooks in the kitchen. It’s good to mix things up.

Thanks this week to Nicola Ward, who recorded readings and interviews. You’ll hear the voice of Myna Walllin talking with poets. Below are Myna’s photographs of Chris Dewdney and Truth Is…

– Stephen Humphrey

Christopher Dewdney

Christopher Dewdney is one of Canada’s most honoured non-fiction writers. However, he says he’s writing poetry again. He regaled the Art Bar audience with poetry about rocket science, angel patrons of physics and all kinds of monkeys.


Anita Lahey

Anita Lahey always feels like a deer in the headlights after a reading, she confessed during her ‘post-game’ interview with Myna Wallin. Myna asked Anita whether a sense of place in her work meant there was a fiction voice somewhere in her bag of tricks. Anita, who edits Arc Poetry Magazine, says it depends how much she cares to multi-task.

Anita is pictured, above on Canada’s east coast, where she sometimes goes, occasionally bringing back an accent.


Truth Is...

Truth Is… might be called an energy-efficient poet, bringing even the quietest room to life no matter how small a change she works with. Which might also make her an alternate power source, and don’t we need more of those?

Are literati and the spoken word doomed to a tragic Romeo-and-Juliet scenario? According to Truth Is… speaking out doesn’t always exclude some thoughtful writing down.

Enjoy the ambience of the Art Bar’s windy open-air studio.




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