Art Bar Blog and Podcast: Toronto’s most backlogged website?

The Great Catch-Up continues

Some of you might have noticed the Art Bar blog and podcast postings falling a little behind. Okay, really behind. First it was a few days, then weeks and now months.

All of this great audio and imagery in the can. All that great poetry hidden from the world.

Not to worry… this missing podcasts between May 2010 and March 2011 will make appearances one-by-one.

Meanwhile, we’re leaping over the backlog and posting the most recent readings while we catch up with posterity.

About the Squeaky Wheel factor

If you, dear reader, feel inclined to say, “Hey, what about June something-something when so-and-so read? Hey what about MY reading?” then by all means tell us that. We’ll most  likely rush over and get that episode done out of remorse.

Just believe us: editing audio is fun

Finally, if anyone out there thinks it would be fun to edit audio, interview poets and take pictures yes, we’re definitely looking for volunteers.

Look us up.

Stephen Humphrey


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