May 18 2010: If urban is the new pastoral what is the new black?

My pastoral poem:
The Colin Carberry are ripening on its dense thickety bushes
The Anna Swaonson returns from its winter migrations
While magpies and fruit bats fly into the Blaise Moritz sunset.

– Stephen Humphrey

Anna Swanson

What inspires Anna Swanson‘s poetry? Multiple jobs and chronic fatigue. Women’s studies and coming out. Secular saints and parsons daughters. Falling in love and months of solitude, watching for fires.


Blaise Moritz

Blaise Moritz writes about cities: this city, distant cities, a city that qualifies as imaginary. Writers are often told to write what they know. What if all you know is cities? Does architecture become nature? Does civilization exist north of Lawrence Avenue?


Colin Carberry

Both a poet and translator, Colin Carberry admires the passion of Mexican poets and the passion average Mexicans show for them. He reveres the quiet passion of Irish rebel and poet Bobby Sands. His globetrotting behaviour has found him on enough islands to write a decalogue of sonnets.  And what else? He’s a snappy dresser. Just look at those shoes.


Colin Carberry


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