May 11: Hey Shakespeare, is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to kick it at Art Bardy Har-Har Night?

Can poets be funny?

Does comedy have a place in poetry?

Why are haikus so especially funny?

Did the photographer have two many beers?

Valentino Assenza

Valentino Assenza, host of the annual Art-Bardy-Har-Har night full of good humour and ready to experience life without Tylenol. One day at a time, dude. Always inclined to public service, Valentino took time to caution about the dangers of Rock Band (TM).


Cathy Petch

Cathy Petch was F*****n’ Freestyling or she was milking old material, depending on how well you know her stuff. Apparently her kitchen is her bathroom, her cat is a racist and your baby is ugly.


Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant is a nerd. He said it in front of everybody, even his wife. He can talk about Star Wars for hours. He can quote “Howl” and Neuromancer in the same breath. He can speak wookie with a slight accent and he wants to sell you razors.


Dave Silverberg

Dave Silverberg lives alone and writes haikus about fooling the pizza guy. He sees Mike Bryant’s Star Wars nerd and raises him one sports nerd. He writes stalker-like letters to Sealtest. And eggnog.


Why so serious?

Valentino Assenza is in his usual good humour and sure of his hockey loyalties, but has an ominous curiosity about Lady Gaga. By the way, “Art Bardy Har-Har” was his idea, but he’s too modest to brag.


Sandra Kasturi

Like many individuals, Sandra Kasturi wants to know the whereabouts of William Shatner’s genitals. She does a mean Jack Nicholson, and you don’t want to see her attic. She does not love the pig light.


Yehuda Fisher

Yehuda Fisher has cool hair and his own personal stash of lightsabers. He has the bat signal on his wallpaper. Geeks in the house. What part of drunk at 3 am didn’t you get? And she liked it.


Jeff Cottrill

Jeff Cottrill has a show about a grouch who lives in a trashcan. No, not that one. His open piece clearly demonstrates that Cottrill is literally his own worst critic – as in reviewer, but that doesn’t mean he’s above using a faux southern accent.



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