April 27: You’ll never get to see the poetry love gun

Ian Burgham

(Photo by Mindi Saint)

Ian Burgham said he was making a point to pause after his epigraphs so his poems wouldn’t be confused with the work of Petrarch, W.H. Auden and Rilke, adding it wouldn’t be that bad if he was. Many of his poems did carry the unmistakable flavour of Scotland, where he lived for a number of years. Scotland was often the subject of his pieces, along with sibling confessions, ancestral tragedies, would-be lost loves, the “deep weight of the present” and other heavy loads carried by and between people.


James Dewar

(Photo by Greg Tjepkima)

James Dewar, frequently seen hosting Hot-Sauced Words, observes that men are portrayed as “losers and assholes” in a lot of popular culture. His own investigation revealed that “men drink more than they piss out” and you can’t always trust your fishing buddies.

“Tonight I’m going to kick you in the nuts a couple of times with a couple of the poems when I talk about things that are really hard to talk about,” he said. “And hopefully I’ll alleviate the swelling with some nicer ones.”

Hear more about the best and worst of us guys.


Sharon Harris

(Photo by Mindi Saint)

Sharon Harris says she’s called an experimental poet.

“So we’re going to experiment,” she adds, before donning a lab coat and summoning two assistants to demonstrate the poetry love gun.

This demonstration were not documented visually, so you’ll have to imagine what the audience found so interesting.

Luckily Harris practices pataphysics, “the science of imaginary solutions“.

She provides answers to many questions such as how much pressure to apply to poetry, whether or not it’s correct to freeze a poem and why it’s better not to date  poets.

Later she dresses like rainbow and wonders, “Why do I write in shadows?”


(Readings recorded by Mindi Saint)


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