April 13: Will there be photocopiers in the future?

Jacquie Buncel

(Photos and treatments by Stephen Humphrey)

Jacquie Buncel knows the horrors of the past and the joys of the present. Her book Turning the Corner at Dusk relates a life shaped by the legacy of parents who survived the holocaust and enriched by motherhood. Its title poem calls for universal justice.


Alexandra Oliver

Alexandra Oliver, did read aloud, upon one April night
Her pithy odes and Gothic rhymes culled from her mundane life;
Of boyfriends past and schoolgirl clothes of fragile polyester.
We reveled in each comic line ’bout things that did depress her.

Alexandra says:

I love writing in form, because what informs my work is the struggle between the impulsive and the rational, between anarchy and propriety.

Writing in form is a great way of expressing tension, often unbearable, fateful tension. I’m not a political poet or a poet with a fixed spiritual or ideological agenda. I’m just a very mannered person who uses a mannered technique to observe ordinary people and tell stories, sometimes extraordinary stories, about whatever those people are fighting to repress or eliminate.


John Barlow

John Barlow describes the experience of “full-time consciousness”, which is somewhere between getting devoured by a newspaper on the subway while getting absorbed by everything else. His poems, photocopy zines and prodigious emails encompass a living universe of friends and distractions, just as his readings are peppered with call-outs to audience members and stray observations – like how concrete poems are impossible to recite.


(Recordings and interviews by Stephen Humphrey)


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