Where did the audio go?

People used to visiting this blog may notice that our podcasts are in a different format than previous ones.

The blog has started using Podomatic, a free podcasting server that’s better in a number of ways than MyPodcast, the server we previously used.

For one thing there are more sharing options for Facebook and stuff like that. You can also download the reading through iTunes (for free, of course).

The plan is to relocate all our previous podcasts to Podomatic. In the meantime, a year or so’s worth of audio is kind of in limbo, which you will have noticed if you tried clicking on Listen for podcasts dated prior to March 23.

The squeaky wheel will, in fact, get the grease, in this case.

If you want to hear the audio from a certain poet’s reading RIGHT NOW, and don’t want to wait until I get to re-posting it, please let me know by sending an email to igmagogon@rogers.com. I’ll throw that one up right away.

– Stephen Humphrey


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