March 16: Is it really too late to be a jazz wife?

Rocco Di Giacomo

Host Rocco di Giacomo explains the consciousness-expanding properties of excellent poetry.

Matthew Dryden

Matthew Dryden doesn’t mind being known as a “sweet boy”. He likes romantic movies, even the ones called chick flicks, and isn’t afraid to say so. He is not even abashed to say he’s watched every episode of Gilmore Girls.

Discover more in the Art Bar’s exclusive tell-all interview.


Heather Cadsby

For countless years Heather Cadsby was a tireless and indispensable presence at the Art Bar until she left it to the rest of us to discover in her absence just how much work she did for the series as a long-standing and long-suffering board member.

We’re happy to receive her back as a poet, reading from her excellent and playfully sardonic book of poems, Could Be.

Come back any time, Heather.


Jill Battson

Jill Battson has been traveling around for awhile, but folks who’ve been on the scene for a while remember her as an important local presence in poetry. Along with organizing the popular Poets Refuge reading series she coordinated poetry readings on a bus, in a boxing ring and on MuchMusic for awhile through the Word Up! poetry videos series.

Her latest pass through Toronto is especially triumphant. She was commissioned to write the libretto for Dark Star Requiem, a dramatic oratorio which opens this year’s Luminato arts festival. The libretto’s text concerns the topic of AIDS, a cause close to her heart.



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