March 9: They’ve touched your perfect body

Poetry is lovely for how it approaches religion and politics: with a love for both detail and ambiguity that preachers and pamphleteers won’t come near.

Saviours are sensual, despotism is a dance and the personal is cosmic.

Which is why the clouds make faces when we’re not looking.

Luckily someone manages to write it down.

Stephen Humphrey

Brian Day

Contrary to the usual **ahem** technical perfection of Art Bar podcasts, there are the occasional glitches, such as the case in point, whereby gee-whiz gadgetry failed to commit Brian Day‘s reading to posterity.

Let me present my interview, however, with Mr. Day regarding his intriuging collection Conjuring Jesus.

It’s a daring and intellectually tricky thing to author an entire collection of poems about Jesus rife with homoerotic tension, nuanced morality and a sense of beauty.


Maureen Hynes

The poems presented by Maureen Hynes were like a diaphragm of personal and political, breathing in the implications of a torture and tyranny while exhaling flamenco.

For her intimacy can be both medical and tender.

Flowers bloom among asphalt both literally and figuratively in her writing.

In her own words, she says, “My poetry is always an attempt to go deeper, mostly into a lot of commonplace ¬†experiences, situations or vistas to find the still moment where a small connection or realization can be made, hopefully with poetic grace. Sort of like following a thread into the underworld, and not always possible until well after the experience.”



Yogi is sort of a wild card. He’s a slam poet who writes lyrical poems about marriage, family and clouds.

“And now for something completely different,” he kept saying.

His poems are about relationships: to his family, himself and wonders that lurk just out of sight.



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