January 12: 11th Annual Art Bar Discovery Night hosted by Nancy Bullis

L to R
Eytan Millstone (Eytan Crouton), Nancy Bullis, Jennifer Marston


Sixteen poets presented their own work and were judged by audience ballots during the 11th Annual Art Bar Discovery Night.

The talent and variety of this entire group of readers was staggering.

The competition was intense, but we carefully counted the ballots and brought it down to ten readers. Another round, another vote, and three readers read in the final round.

Nancy & Cynthia counted the votes twice.

There was a TIE for first place!

Congratulations to Eytan Millstone and Jennifer Marston, who will be our Art Bar feature readers on Tuesday April 20th – don’t miss it!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you all out again next year!

Also, Nancy will be interviewing the winners on her HOWL program on CIUT.fm – check their listings to find out when.

Cynthia Gould


2 Responses to “January 12: 11th Annual Art Bar Discovery Night hosted by Nancy Bullis”

  1. […] years the Art Bar series has awarded a feature to the winner of the Discovery Night competition each […]

  2. the 12th time in as many years the Art Bar Discovery Night, hosted by Art Bar alumnus Nancy Bullis gave Toronto poets a shot at launching their careers into a

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