November 10: Oblique travelogues, Gothic imagination and pastel chalk

Phoebe Tsang

Phoebe Tsang impressed with a performance done entirely from memory.

She read poems from her new book Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse, some of which are adorned with a Gothic imagination.

from “Cemetery on Tsz Wan Shan:”

How do the dead feel, fenced halfway up
the mountain in no man’s land? A crowd
of jostling headstones, all crammed together.
How do they like the view? Between
shady foothills and clouded peaks where
electric pylons weave through mist
like horsemen in a science-fiction apocalypse.


Moez Surani

Moez Surani shared work from his debut book Reticent Bodies, arresting poems of the personal and political which offer a unique contemporary lyricism.

from “Realpolitik:”

I will not mourn the dying and deformed
because an idealist cannot be happy.
And I want to be happy.



(No, you’re not going cross-eyed. This photo wasn’t taken at Clintons. Myna Wallin snapped this shot of Nathaniel during a previous reading at another venue.)

The amusingly irreverent Nathaniel G. Moore read poems from Pastels Are Pretty Much the Polar Opposite of Chalk and the Catullus-infused Let’s Pretend We Never Met. He delivered some off-the-wall insights about Toronto:

from “10 Things I know About Toronto for a Fact:”

This town is positioned in a way that hurts.
This town needs an enigma.
This town is much like haunted lasagna.
This town’s real estate fonts are ghastly.
This town needs serious werewolf awareness and improvement.
The religious banter at Dundas square needs dance-theatre choreography.


(audio will be added shortly)

– Notes and interviews by Clara Blackwood


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