October 13: Dreams, dialectics and the middle of nowhere

Cynthia Gould_1

(Photo by Stephen Humphrey)

The underslept but unflappable Cynthia Gould is pictured here doing her signature hostess kung-fu, as she tries to elicit a ‘whoo-hoo!’ from the audience for Clinton’s sweet potato fries.

Allan Safarik

(Photo by Stephen Humphrey)

For a guy from the west coast who resides in a tiny Saskatchewan town, Allan Safarik has a lot of memories of Toronto, many of them based not far from Clinton’s. His poems are populated with characters, whether they be rural folk, big city folk or Can-lit giants, who happen to be old friends, such as Dorothy Livesay and Milton Acorn.



(Photo by Cynthia Gould)

Writer and filmmaker Leanne Averbach took a detour from her path to becoming a poet into radical leftist politics. Her poems reflect a number of social concerns along with an unmistakable passion for living.


John Barton

(Photo by Stephen Humphrey)

Poet and editor John Barton can’t help seeing fish as flesh, dreams as sex and spies in his hallway. He also can’t sit down with a menu without correcting it. His ninth collection of poems, Hymn, was published this fall.



(Photo by Cynthia Gould)


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