October 6: Poets get intimate with immensity and Menudo

The adage about finding a busy person to get things done is true in spades of the incredible Cynthia Gould, who already performs a whole range of duties for the Art Bar while juggling a busy professional life (not to mention a three-piece garage band) she also handled the interviews, recording, etc. for the blog this week. See her wonderful photographs.

Myna Wallin

The lovely and luminous Myna Wallin hosted the evening with her usual aplomb.

George Fetherling

The ever-quotable George Fetherling keeps a dream diary, can write legibly in the dark and knows no amber – only green and red. His most recent poetry collection is Singer, An Elegy with Anvil Press. Random House will publish his new novel, Walt Whitman’s Secret, later this year.


Anne Compton

Poet and poetry scholar Anne Compton read selections from her book, Asking Questions Indoors and Out, which  argues with god, portrays dream life as travel and views many sides of love, including the grisly side, through the lens of maturity.


Salvador Alanis

Salvador Alanis hails from northern Mexico, but lives in Toronto, where he works as a translator for Spanish-language publishing houses. He says he’s interested in the idea of lip-syncing – of letting his poems, translated from Spanish, speak through other people’s voices. Throughout his reading, Salvador conscientiously credited the translators of his verse.

In conversation with Cynthia he spoke about length about the former boy group Menudo and how, literally by accident, he fell into visual art.



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