September 22: Poetic trio in the key of Quattro

Valentino Assenza

Valentino Assenza here.

Hosting the Art Bar September 22 was a treat for sure.

The crowd was plentiful and wonderfully responsive.

The three readers all, in one way or another, have showcased their poetic wares under the banner of Quattro Press.

Paul Zemokhol

Paul Zemokhol‘s poetry had a strong subtlety to it and his humble honesty shone through. Paul usually prefaced his pieces with inspiring little stories which set them up perfectly.


Gianna Patriarca

Gianna Patriarca followed with poems from her book Italian Women And Other Tragedies, first published with Guernica Editions in 1994. The occasion marked a milestone for her, since the book was newly translated into Italian. She is now in Italy launching the book in selected cities. Her colourful, bilingual reading included wonderfully humourous poems about her family and teaching experiences.


(Podcast will be added some time after Gianna returns from Italy)

Luciano Iacobelli

Quattro Books co-founder Luciano Iacobelli switched gears emotionally, reading from his Seraphim Editions collection The Angel Notebook. He claimed to like visiting the darker side of things through his poetry. His words generated somber emotions as he paid tribute to a friend that passed away some time ago.



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