September 15: Artichoke thoughts and Mexican soaps

The Art Bar blog and podcast will shake things up a bit over the next couple of months and invite different volunteers to interview and photograph the poets. We hope you enjoy this salad of different perspectives.

Clara Blackwood interviewed the poets who read on September 15, while Alison Hancock photographed them.

Hope you enjoy.

Molly Peacock

Molly Peacock delighted us with her musings on the “minor” side of life. Teacups, paperclips and edibles populated her poems: “Every time I cook an artichoke I think of you–”


Ricardo Sternberg

Ricardo Sternberg was the consummate storyteller. He presented new work from a sequence of whimsical poems inspired in part from the colourful characters in Mexican soap operas.


Jan Conn_2

Jan Conn shared poetry from her newest book Botero’s Beautiful Horses. Sensual and imagistic, many of the poems are immersed in the landscape and art of Latin America.


– Clara Blackwood


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