August 18: Art Bar gets countrified. Yes, ma’am!

Cynthia Gould

From Johnny Cash to Crystal Gayle to Tammy Wynette, this evening was both a hootenany and a shindig! Everyone performed brilliantly, and truly did bring out the poetic essence of country music – the comedy, the heartache, the honest moments of every day life… all with a lilt and a twang.

Cynthia Gould


Keelan Miller

Keelan Miller is a standup comedian and a stand-up guy. He used to bartend at the Renaissance Café, so he’s already seen you cryin’ in yer beer.


Rahul Gupta

Rahul “That Brown Bastard” Gupta is a slammer, a Last Call Poet and a self-proclaimed curmudgeon. He runs the TBB, which I believe is some sort of hovercraft. He is also the person I turn to when most in need… he’s my drinking coach.


Edward and Lalo Nixon

Edward Nixon is a poet with three chapbooks under his belt. He runs the Livewords reading series, he’s sassy and he somehow found the time to have a son named Lalo and warp him into becoming a musician.


Herb Dale and Fran McCann

Uncle Herb Dale has been performing country, folk, and bluegrass in Toronto for over two decades and is now releasing the CD It Was About Time. He’s an anchor of the local indie music scene who’s out playing two or three nights a week. He hosts open stages, and warms open hearts, all with his much better half Fran McCann, that mellow ray of sun always shining on.  Like Toronto country’s version of Brangelina, they’re known as the McDales.

David Clink

David Clink runs, he’s a former Art Bar overlord, eats fruit out of season, runs the Rowers Pub Reading Series, and he believes his own press.


Arthur Renwick

Arthur Renwick is a modern Renaissance man… artist, musician and professor. He plays slide guitar Robert Johnson-style and he’s a sweetheart to boot.


Shawn Sage_7

Shawn Sage is one of those singer/songwriter types, a musical storyteller and if he’s been played on the CBC then he’s good enough for the likes of us. His new album is titled Misadventures in Song.



Pelayo Matute is one of those fancy choir trained polyphonic vocal people, a third of Kirsten Sandwich, he was a guest screamer on the new High Heels Lo Fi EP, and is becoming the master of drywall. He also bears a striking resemblance to the Marlboro man.


Next Art Bar, on August 25, features Kiki Mahy, Chris Banks and Mónica Rosas.


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