August 4: Youth, death and travel on a rainy August night

Valentino Assenza

Valentino Assenza here.

Last night’s weekly dose of Art Bar had it’s regular share of inspiring happenstances. I had the pleasure of hosting and, as always, had a lot of fun doing it. It was nice to see the usual suspects in attendance, along with some new faces taking in poetry on Tuesday night.

Josh Stewart

It was Josh Stewart‘s first feature at the Art Bar. This young poet has developed some serious skills thus far, and is bound for quite the evolution. He showed touching eloquence and honesty.

Josh Stewart tries to write poetry that is accessible and inviting, without sacrificing the intellectual side of the art.


Gillian Sze

Gillian Sze was another first-timer. The majority of her set came from Fish Bones, mostly inspired by art in galleries she visited while travelling. Gillian had an unassuming modesty about her, but a playful spirit shone through in both her witty banter and her poetry.

Why I write: I write because I can’t not. Obsession made me write. Questions about language’s boundaries made me write. And something else that I can’t name, something that keeps me looking around myself, something that keeps me distracted all the time.


Corrado Paina

Veteran poet Corrado Paina discussed death according to the French poet Mallarmé. Do people accept death or absorb it? His set was filled with wonderfully touching works about friends and family that have passed on.


The open mic featured the usual suspects, such as Edward Nixon, James Dewar, and Nicola Ward, but there were a couple of faces I had never seen before, including spoken word poet A-TON.

– Valentino Assenza

Next week: Ian Pople, Andrea Gripp, and Stephanie Bolster.


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