July 14: Poets explore inner and outer landscapes

Setting is considered a staple of Canadian poetry.

The featured poets on July 14 surveyed sweeping Ontario landscapes, the city of Toronto with its occasional grandeur, lingering poverty and troubling lack of bathhouses, and, of course, emotional landscapes, charted by family, friends and strangers that people our lives.

Desi Di Nardo

Desi Di Nardo‘s poems have graced official Canadian residences, appeared on Starbucks coffee cups and and been displayed the Toronto subway. Many of her poems reflect a love of nature and the outdoors. Complex feelings and nuanced speculations on life and death are explored through observations of plants, trees, animals and lakes.


Paulos Ioannou

Paulos Ioannou was born in Cyprus. After authoring four full-length collections in Greek, Ioannou decided to write in English, which he’s done for the past four years. His writing, originally inspired by the inter-communal strife between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, is marked by a longing for justice. His poems address issues such as war, poverty and human rights.


Lauren Carter

Lauren Carter made the trek from Orillia to Toronto to deliver poems set around Northern Ontario, which often address family members and other figures from her own life. She is currently working on a novel.


– Stephen Humphrey


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