July 7, 2009: Sci Fi poetry, painter poet and fast-talking Brits

The Art Bar‘s usual eclecticism was in full effect on July 7, 2009. Poems drew on themes ranging from the personal to the cosmic. A widely-published veteran author was followed by a poet who refuses to be published in print altogether.

Francine Lewis

Art Bar board member, poet and sci fi fan Francine Lewis began the night with delicately crafted verses that drew on imagery from mythology and science.

Katerina Fretwell

Painter and poet Katerina Fretwell ranged between humourous and poignant as she drew on life experience and a highly visual imagination.

MC Jabber and Jem Rolls

British performance poet Jem Rolls turned up hoarse-voiced from multiple Fringe performances and a bout of the flu. Luckily his fast-talking mate, MC Jabber was on hand as relief poet.


Jem Rolls has been returning to Toronto, and the Toronto Fringe Festival for nearly a decade in good health and bad.

MC Jabber

Brit performance poet MC Jabber comes by his name honestly. Between sharp breaths he recites faster than most humans think. He presented his own one-man show at the Toronto Fringe.

– Stephen Humphrey


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